Pokemon GO: How To Defeat And Capture Lugia Or Articuno In Legendary Raid

Pokemon GO has finally added Legendary Pokemon to the mix by letting the player capture Lugia and Articuno. While we reported about the inclusion of Lugia a while ago, it wasn’t made available for capture until the first Legendary Raid was announced last week. The raid can be attempted if you fulfill a set of requirements and it lets you capture Lugia or Articuno, both of which are two of the Legendary Pokemon in the game.

How To Enter A Legendary Raid In Pokemon GO

The legendary raids work as a normal raid but with the limitation that they will be time limited. The first legendary raid that features Lugia and Articuno is limited to just 48 hours so you will need to act quickly if you want these Pokemon in your team. To participate in the raid, you will need a raid pass. There is no special pass needed to enter in the Legendary raid although be prepared to have a tough battle.

How To Find And Defeat Lugia In Pokemon GO

Lugia is a Psychic-type Pokemon so you will need to bring a Pokemon with you that counters him. For Lugia, this requires you to find a Dark-type Pokemon. Other types of Pokemon that work well here include Ghost and Electric. Some of the Pokemon with Dark-type and powerful CP include Umbreon, Houndoom and Misdreavus.

The raid is conducted in the form of a team so you will need to co-ordinate with each other in order to effectively take down Lugia. The raid will last for a while and can take upwards of 1 hours just to defeat Lugia so make sure you keep your items well stocked before you attempt the raid.

How To Find And Defeat Articuno In Pokemon GO

Articuno is a Ice-type Pokemon so if you want to counter that type, you will need to bring an Fire-type Pokemon to the raid. You can also try to use Rock and Electric-type Pokemon for the battle. Some of the choices here include Omastar, Magneton and Forretress.

Just like the Lugia raid, you will need to finish the raid with a team. Keep your items stocked well and make sure that your Pokemon are kept alive until the raid ends.

How To Capture Lugia and Articuno In Pokemon GO

Once you have defeated these two Legendary Pokemon in a raid, you can attempt to capture them at the end of the battle. Keep in mind that they have a capture rate of just 2% so you can end up being unlucky and miss out on capturing them, however there are a few things that you can attempt in order to boost your capture rate for Lugia.

To improve your probability of capturing Lugia or Articuno, you will need to have a gold medal for catching Flying, Psychic and Fire type Pokemon. Keep throwing a curve ball while using a Gold Raspberry in order to further increase your chance of catching the Legendary Pokemon. The more balls you will hit Lugia, the more your chance will increase for the next throw. Throwing an ‘excellent’ curveball multiple times will increase the probability of catching any of the Legendary Pokemon.

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