Pokemon GO: Cheat For Infinite Lucky Eggs And Incense Time Limit

Pokemon GO features two different items with their own time limit after using them in the game. One of them is the lucky egg, which gives the player double the amount of experience points when it is activated. The other is an Incense, which lures Pokemon to the location of the player allowing them to catch them with ease.

Both of these items are active for a limited amount of time, around 30 minutes to be exact. Fortunately, there is a cheat available that might help in increasing their time limit.


This cheat requires the player to mess around with the internal clock of their smartphones. Basically once you activate a Lucky Egg or Incense, you will have to minimize the Pokemon GO application and go to settings menu of your smartphone. You will then need to disable the automatic date and time setting. This can be done on both Android and iOS.

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Once you have disabled the automatic date and time setting, you have to manually set back the time on your phone to 30 minutes prior to activating that Lucky Egg or Incense. Doing this will increase the in-game timer for the Lucky Egg and Incense effect. Keep in mind that this trick only works for 60 minutes at most so there is no need to pick an absurd time and you should stick with 30 minutes only.

While this trick has worked for some players, the experience is varied and it doesn’t guarantee working for everyone. There is also the off chance that while the effect of the Lucky Egg and Incense does increase, it is only shown in the visuals and players won’t be able to gain double experience points or attract Pokemon even if the game shows that the effect is active.

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Whatever is the case here, it sure is a good way to trick the game into increasing the time limit for the Lucky Egg and Incense, both of which are tricky to obtain in-game aside from spending real life money on them.

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