Pokemon GO: How to check if Servers are Down

pokemon go server down

Ever since its release the Pokemon GO servers have been going up and down. Its needless to say that the game’s launch has been anything but smooth. There are numerous connection errors plaguing Pokemon GO right now and fans are in a constant flux of asking if “the servers are down or not”.

The game is also reportedly under the sights of several hacker groups, one of which claimed responsibility for a recent downtime.

There’s an easy way to check if the game’s servers are facing issues or if it’s your connection. As the game is mostly played outside, you’re most probably using mobile internet which isn’t the most reliable.

pokemon go server down

Use DownDetector which has a dedicated page for Pokemon GO. The page features various information including if currently the server is up or down, what time are people facing the most issues and downtime history among others.

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If the above website isn’t for you; then try this, this or this.

Pokemon GO is available now to play on Android and iOS devices.

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