Pokemon GO Developer Niantic now worth almost $4 billion

Pokemon GO Developer Niantic will soon be valued at around $4 billion according to WSJ.

The ex-Google startup is currently raising a new round of Capital that would help raise its value to $3.9 billion, which is near where Epic Games was before their latest funding which raised their value to almost $15 Billion.

Although Pokemon GO’s craze has slowed down in recent months, the game still brings significant revenue per month and is a mainstay in the most downloaded APP lists each month. The game has received constant updates from launch, with the latest one bringing the much anticipated Trainer Battles to the game.

The latest round expected to be worth $200 million will be headed by IVP (Institutional Venture Partners) who’ll be joined by Samsung Electronics Co. and aXiomatic Gaming LLC. The amount is similar to the funding raised in 2007 where Niantic raised $200 million to increase their valuation to $2.7 billion.

The company’s investors which include the likes of Spark Capital, Founders Fund and Meritech Capital Partners are hopeful that the core Pokemon GO audience stays active and that Niantic’s upcoming, Harry Potter: Wizards Units, proves to be a success. Niantic is also currently working on Niantic Real World Platform, a suite of tolls that include AR Cloud, anti-cheat programs, CRMs and more.

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