Pokemon GO Was The Most Downloaded App On iOS In 2016

Pokemon GO was one of the most popular games in 2016. The game took over the world after being released by Niantic Labs in July and was one of the most talked about games throughout the year.

Pokemon GO was an instant hit once it came out, breaking one record after another. The game had people spending more time catching Pokemon, and less time on social media. Back in August, the game had fans spending less time on social media apps and more time catching Pokemon.

Pokemon GO

A recent announcement revealed that Pokemon GO was the most downloaded iOS app on the App Store in 2016. In little over a week after its release, the augmented reality game became the biggest mobile game in the U.S, as it had over 21 million daily users.

Niantic Labs recently released a new update for the game, adding a new Christmas themed loading screen, and adding tons of new features. During the holiday season, players were rewarded a new egg incubator every day. Players who visited a PokeStop had a chance of receiving a special egg which could rewards them with the new baby Pokemon, which were recently added to the game.

New Pokemon GO Update Makes Transferring Pokemon Easier

Players had a chance to hatch a Togepi or a Pichu. These new Pokemon are the first of many new Pokemon to be added into the game in the near future. Niantic Labs is working on adding new generations of Pokemon to the game soon.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game, developed and published by Niantic Labs and is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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