Pokemon GO – How To  Easily Take Down Gyms With Low Level/CP Pokemon Team

Gyms can be found throughout the world map in Pokemon GO. It will be hard to locate a Gym that is free of the opposing team but in case you find an unoccupied gym, make sure to capture it as soon as possible.

If you weren’t lucky enough to capture a Gym and have a low level team, then you can still try to use some tricks to get around the low level and capture a Gym defended by a powerful Pokemon.

This trick can be considered more of an exploit since it relies on timing of the yellow flash that occurs when the Pokemon is attacked. It essentially results in a cycle of dodging and then quick attacking following by more dodging and quick attacking. This method can result in the Pokemon winning over the Gym with barely a scratch at times.


To utilize this method, you will need to wait for the opponent to attack. There will be a brief yellow flash that is cue for you to swipe to dodge his attack. You have to do it two times since when the first time the opponent appears, he attacks twice in a row. You can use the flash cue to dodge and then perform a quick attack. You only need to perform a quick attack after dodging once. Don’t repeat the quick attacks because it can make you vulnerable.

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There is no need to use a special move here as it makes the Pokemon vulnerable. Instead, to take down the opponent, you need to keep up with dodging the attacks of the opponent and following up with quick attacks of your own.

This method can easily gain you a victory over a Pokemon that has more than 200 CP points over your own, but it can prove to be troublesome for a stronger version since it won’t be easy to take down the health of a higher level Pokemon in time.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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