Pokemon GO – Here’s A Useful Evolution CP Multiplier Sheet For All Pokemon Types

pokemon go

Pokemon GO allows the user to evolve their Pokemon to the next form if they can feed them Candies or Star Dust. Each Pokemon requires a specific amount of Star Dust/Candies in order to evolve to their next form and then gains a certain amount of CP after the evolution.

reddit user Carlitocarlin has shared a handy user-made sheet for the evolution CP multiplayer that is given to each Pokemon once they are evolved. This sheet might not be fully accurate yet as it is still work-in-progress and currently being worked on by reddit fans all over the world, but it is still a good way to determine the evolution CP multiplayer for each Pokemon for now.


You can gain access to this spreadsheet here, and you can contribute to it over here. If you are interested in other guides related to Pokemon GO, you can check out some of the topics that we have covered on the evolution of Pokemon, Level Up XP Requirements, Unlocks and Rewards, Tips on how to capture a Gym with a low CP Pokemon, Fast level up guide to power up to 15 and much more.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. Niantic Labs are the developer of this new app and they are currently working on releasing it slowly across the globe. It was just released in Spain, Italy and Germany while it originally launched in just North America.

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