Pokemon GO: How To Farm Candy Including Rare Candy And Starter Candy

Pokemon GO features several Pokemon that can be evolved to a better form using various types of Candy. Since it is necessary to use a Candy in order to evolve a Pokemon, they can be hard to find in the game.

There are various methods that can used to locate the required Candy for a Pokemon. For starters, you can get three Candy for each Pokemon that you capture in the game. This means that for every Pokemon you capture, you can get three types of Candy that can be used to evolve that specific type of Pokemon.

To get starter Candy, you will need to capture the starter Pokemon again. These Pokemon obviously can’t be located at a single location because of the nature of the game. You will have to try your luck here and hope to encounter them again throughout your journey. If you manage to locate one of the starter Pokemon including Pikachu, you can try capturing them in order to get their Candy.


The other way to find Candy in the game to make a transfer of that Pokemon. You can do a transfer of your Pokemon to Professor Elm. Just make sure that the Pokemon that is being transferred is not your favorite because you won’t be able to get it back. This method gives one Candy for each of the transfer.

Lastly for the Rare candy, you will need to locate and hunt down the Rare Pokemon. This is another game of luck as it stands and unfortunately requires the player to keep an open eye on the nearby Pokemon. The other way to get a Rare candy is to hatch the eggs that can be collected in the game. We can get a total of 9 eggs at a time and hatching them requires a lot of travel around the world map. This can be accomplished in various way e.g using a bike or traveling by a train. Some dedicated fans have even used a drone to try to hatch the eggs but your method might vary.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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