Pokemon GO – Fastest Way To Gain Experience Points And Level Up To 15

Pokemon GO requires the player to level up first before they can join Gyms and gain better version of Poke Balls. Each of of the level up also has its own rewards and can unlock new items as well.

If you want to reach up to level 15 using one of the fastest way to earn experience points, you will have to utilize Lucky eggs. They can be bought using real life money and coins or dropped with certain level up. You can refer to this experience points requirement, rewards and unlocks chart to see which type of reward is given after each level up.

Pokemon GO - How To Save Poke Balls And Capture Pokemon Easily

Once you have found a Lucky egg, you will need to capture a lot of low level Pokemon usually Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles, Caterpies or any Pokemon that costs between 12 to 25 Candy to evolve to the next form. You will also need to do this all at the earliest possible level so that the captured Pokemon have a low CP.


In addition to capturing Pokemon for evolving purpose, you need to stock on eggs that can be hatched. If you have enough Stardust and Candy for the evolution of your Pokemon, you have to keep them from evolving until you use a Lucky egg.

Once you are prepared, use a Lucky egg to start a 30 minutes countdown period where every experience point that you earn will be essentially doubled. You can evolve 4 Pidgeys with 48 Candies and get 2k experience points for each evolution, which are then doubled to 4k experience points due to the Lucky egg effect.

Pokemon GO - Level Up XP Requirements, Unlocks And Rewards Chart

In addition to evolving your Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you can try capturing Pokemon or discovering new Pokestops to get experience points during the Lucky egg effect. While it might sound like a chore and definitely isn’t possible without multiple Lucky eggs, it does remove the need to grind the game. You will get your first Lucky egg from leveling up to 9 and will be rewarded more eggs at level 10 and 15.

You will need around 56k experience points for leveling up to 10 and then 55k more experience points to level up to 15. With this method, if you plan it accordingly, the level up shouldn’t take much time provided you can find your required monsters for evolution in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. Pokemon GO is developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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