Pokemon GO Is Finally Live In Japan

The wildly popular Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm ever since it’s release earlier this month. Fans across the world have been anxiously waiting for the game to come to their country, and now for Japan, the wait is finally over.

One would assume that being the birth place of the Pokemon brand, Japan would be one of the first countries to receive support for the game. According to John Hankes, CEO of Niantic Labs, the reason for the delay in launch was because of a lack of certainty as to whether the servers would be able to support the high demand. Seeing as how the game is now out, it seems that all problems were resolved.


As promotion for the game’s release, Niantic Labs has established a partnership with McDonalds, to turn over 3 thousand branches into PokeStops and Gyms.

Ahead of the game’s launch, the Japanese government has even started to issue warnings to players to practice caution while playing. This, of course, seems to be a result of the increased string of incidents and crimes that players have been subject to since Pokemon GO launched.

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Pokemon GO has quickly become the most used smart phone app in the world by garnering over 30 million downloads worldwide, and considering that the game is set to come out in over 200 markets, Niantic Labs still has a way to go.

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