Pokemon GO: How To Find Snorlax, Exegguto, Lapras, Arcanine and Gyarados

Pokemon GO features some powerful Pokemon that can be evolved to achieve great CP. These Pokemon are classified in this tier list and some of the top tier ones include Dragonite, Snorlax, Exegutto and Gyrados.

If you want to find Dragonite, you can follow this guide that covers the location and capture method for Dragonite. For the rest of the Pokemon, you can follow the guide below.


Snorlax can be found first and foremost by hatching a 10 KM egg. You can refer to this egg hatching guide to determine the Pokemon that can be hatched with 10 KM eggs. As seen in the guide. Snorlax is one of the 16 Pokemon that can be hatched if you travel 10 KM. The other way to locate Snorlax is to try your luck in the wild. There is not distinct landmark needed for him to appear so it is purely a case of luck here.

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Exeggcute can be hatched from 5 KM eggs just like Snorlax. They don’t appear to have any specific pattern for spawning in a location. They are one of the most powerful Pokemon with their CP average per evolution.

Lapras can be hatched from a 10 KM egg. If you are looking to get a powerful Pokemon, you can hope to hatch either Snorlax or Lapras from the 10 KM egg. Aside from that, you can try to locate it near a body of water, usually a beach or a park near a lake. He is one of the best Pokemon when it comes to the CP gained per evolution.

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Gyarados is perhaps one of the most painful Pokemon to manually capture in the game. He can be evolved from a Magikarp but the evolution in itself can take several hours of grind before it is completed. Magikarp requires around 400 Magikarp candy to evolve to Gyarados. Since the player can get around 3 Magikarp candy per each capture, it means that they have to capture close to 134 Magikarps before they can evolve it to Gyarados. If you are lucky though, you can manage to find one randomly lurking in the wild but it is a rare sight.

Arcanine can be evolved from a Growlithe, which is one of the Pokemon that can be found by hatching a 5 KM egg. There is no other way to get Arcanine for now aside from evolving Growlithe, which can also be found randomly lurking around in the wild.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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