Pokemon GO: Where to catch Fossil Pokemon Kabuto, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Omanyte, and Omastar

Fossil Pokemon pokemon go

In Pokemon GO one of the rarest Pokemon to catch are the Fossil Pokemon which include Kabuto, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Omanyte and Omastar.

In the mainline games, only one of each existed and you could only get one evolutionary line per playthrough. Luckily in Pokemon GO this is not the case and you can catch as many as you want.

These Pokemon although available in the wild are in much harder to find so you should definitely want to check out their location guide below.

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Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon hatched from an Old Amber, can be found in areas with large amount of lands or dry areas like deserts. Since it’s a Flying type as well as Rock type, you can probably also find it in Parks and Forests. Aerodactyl can also be hatched from 10km egg.

Fossil Pokemon pokemon go

The Dome Fossil Pokemon, Kabuto, is one of the two Fossil evolutionary lines offered in the Kanto games. Kabuto can be found can be found near water areas like rivers and lakes but have a greater chance to be found in rocky beaches or caves near water. Kabuto is also a common hatch from the 10km eggs.

Fossil Pokemon pokemon go

Kabutops, Kubuto’s evolution, is pretty rare and can be found mostly in the same locations as Kabutops. You may want to use Incense or hang out near Pokestops with lure to get a chance to catch Kabutops. Kabutops evolves from Kabuto using 50 Kabuto candies.

Fossil Pokemon pokemon go

The Helix Fossil Pokemon, Omanyte, is found near rivers and lakes areas or rocky areas near water. Omanyte can also be commonly hatched from 10km eggs.

Fossil Pokemon pokemon go

Omastar, the evolved form of Omanyte, is found at the same locations as Omanyte but as with Kabutops you may want to use Incense and Lures. Omastar evolves from Omanyte using 50 Omanyte candies.

Fossil Pokemon pokemon go

Pokemon GO is out now on iOS and Android.

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