Pokemon GO Gets Gorgeous New Loading Screen To Celebrate New Year

Pokemon GO has received a brand new loading screen in time for the new year. This loading screen has replaced the old one now and contains gorgeous drawn artwork that showcases the celebration of new year.

If you are interested in checking out this loading screen without any Text or UI on it, you can grab it in wallpaper format below, courtesy of reddit.

Pokemon GO is one of the most successful mobile game release on the iOS and Android. It is also the top grossing application in the App store in USA and several other markets. The game was developed by Niantic Labs while it was supported by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

Pokemon GO has faced several bumps along the way but the game still manages to retain top position in charts on the iOS and Google Play Store. This shows that the game still has managed to retain some of its popularity and will continue to do so.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs has a lot more planned for the game in the coming year including Legendary Pokemon and the addition of new generation of Pokemon with updates.

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