Pokemon GO: Gym Rules explained, stat differences and rumors discussed

In Pokemon GO players can challenge Gyms located in different locations all around their respective cities. Since there’s no proper tutorial for the game, its up to the players to discover the rules and conditions of the game and that includes the Gym and Gym battles.

In Pokemon GO you can challenge a GYM starting from when you’re Level 5. You’ll be also asked to join one of the three teams when you hit Level 5.

Gyms will start showing up after Level 5 in Pokemon GO as mentioned before so don’t be afraid if none show up if you are at a lower level. Gyms will be colored depending on the faction controlling them. Some will be grey which means they’re unoccupied. Since Pokemon GO is new, those will be easy captures.

pokemon go gym

When you challenge a Gym you’ll either be asked to choose 1 or 6 Pokemon to battle with. This is because if the Gym is controller by a player belonging to the same team as you, you will do a 1v1 battle vs their first Pokemon. If you successfully defeat the Gym controlled by your team, the Gym’s prestige level will rise and allow you to leave a Pokemon of yours there. You can get bonuses by capturing Gyms and leaving Pokemon to protect them for your team.

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If the Gym is controlled by a competing team then you’ll be allowed to use 6 Pokemon vs how many different Pokemon stationed there by players from the competing teams (6v6 at a time). When the Pokemon stationed there fall to zero you can leave one of your Pokemon there which makes your team the owners of the Gym.

When challenging a Gym make sure Pokemon you choose have a high enough CP. However having a higher CP will not guarantee you a win as type advantages and Pokemon stats also pay a factor.

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Unlike in the mainline Pokemon games, in Pokemon GO you won’t be able to see detailed stats like Defence, Attack or Speed but they do exist. Till we are able to see them in the game through an update or addition, use your Pokemon knowledge to choose ‘strong’ Pokemon. For example Pokemon like Snorlax and Dragonite tend to be very strong and will defeat Pokemon with same to close CP. Snorlax is know to be a tank and Dragonite a very strong damage dealer with great all round stats.

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Fighting Gym battles is simple. You have two attacks, a normal one accessed by swiping the screen and a special attack usable when the blue bar in the upper left corner fils up and then holding your finger on the screen for a bit. You can find which attacks are the normal attack and which is special on your Pokemon stats page. The first attack is the normal attack and the second is the special.

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If you need more help challenging Gyms or any other aspect of Pokemon GO, feel free to ask in the comments.

Pokemon GO is now out on iOS and Android.

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