Pokemon GO – Here’s How To Avoid Losing High CP Encounters With Pokeball Freezing

Pokemon GO is an insanely addictive game when it comes to capturing the various Pokemon that can be found by travelling to their respective locations. Unlike a regular Pokemon game, the difference here is that players will have to do this travel in real life, which means that if you are hoping for a high CP Pokemon to be captured, you need to make sure it can be done easily.

If you encounter a Pokemon that has more than 1300 CP points, there is a way to make sure that the Pokeball doesn’t freeze. This tends to happen a lot and can potentially cause the player to not only waste their Pokeball, but also let the Pokemon escape instead of capturing it.

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Before you start throwing your Pokeball, you need to make sure that the run, photo and bag logo can be still seen on the Pokemon capture screen. If they disappear, there is a good chance that the game might glitch out resulting the the Pokeball freeze.



The way to avoid this glitch in Pokemon GO is to wait for a minute and then try throwing a Pokeball, but not directly at the Pokemon. Instead, you can throw the Pokeball on the free space and then if the icons for run, photo and bag reappear, you can safely throw your Pokeball to capture the Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go is available now for the iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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