Pokemon GO Holiday Event Goes Live On Christmas Day

Christmas day is almost here and the team over at Niantic Labs will be celebrating the holiday with all Pokemon GO players. Niantic Labs will be hosting a holiday event for Pokemon GO players which will encourage users to play the augmented reality game during the holiday season.

The Holiday event kicks off on December 25th and will be available for all Pokemon GO players. From the start of the event on December 25th, players will be rewarded with an incubator per-day. This will players to incubate their Pokemon Eggs, however, these incubators are only good for one use.

Pokemon GO

Players who visit PokeStops have a chance of receiving an egg. These eggs have a chance to contain one of the new second generation Pokemon, Togepi or Pichu. These are some of the first second generation Pokemon that are available in Pokemon GO.

From December 30th to January 8th, players have a chance of finding some of the original Pokemon in the wild. The Starter Pokemon from the first generation (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle) can be found in the wilderness. Players can also find their evolutionary forms so stay on the lookout for them.

New Pokemon GO Update Makes Transferring Pokemon Easier

Niantic Labs have also made changes to the Lure Module in Pokemon GO for the event. The duration of the Lure has been increased from the usual 30 minutes to an hour. Alongside the increased duration of the Lure, Niantic Labs have made the Lure more effective, so now the Lure will attract even more Pokemon than usual. The holiday event starts off tomorrow on December 25th.

Pokemon GO is developed and published by Niantic Labs and is now available for iOS and Android Devices.

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