Pokemon GO: IV Calculator For Evaluating Max Potential CP For Every Pokemon

Each Pokemon that is featured in Pokemon GO will have their own individual values (short for IVs) that can be used to determine the base CP and potential of the Pokemon.

The IVs can be categorized among Stamina, Attack and Defence for each of the Pokemon. There is a handy calculator available that allows the user to find the IVs for the Pokemon that they currently have in their party.

If you are interested in checking it out, you can visit the official website for the Pokemon GO IV Calculator.


If you are a Pokemon hunter that strives for the best possible Pokemon, then you can utilize this calculator to determine the potential of each of the Pokemon that you capture in the game. Keep in mind that while this calculator is accurate for the most part, it isn’t 100% correct as all the information is contributed by users.

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The calculator uses the following two formulas to determine the IVs for each of the Pokemon.

HP = (Base Stam + Stam IV) * Lvl(CPScalar)

CP = (Base Atk + Atk IV) * (Base Def + Def IV)^0.5 * (Base Stam + Stam IV)^0.5 * Lvl(CPScalar)^2 / 10

If you are interested in contributing to this project, you can try to click on the ‘Refine’ button once you have powered up or evolved your Pokemon. The ‘Refine’ button will appear after your first search in the IV calculator.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the Android and iOS. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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