Pokemon GO: First Legendary Pokemon Lugia Revealed With Gym Badge

Pokemon GO has just received a new update today that adds support for the upcoming Raids to the game. While Raids haven’t been made available yet, there inclusion in the latest update points towards an early release for the Beta. Some of the contents for the latest update have now been revealed and there is a confirmation that Legendary Pokemon are finally making their way to Pokemon GO.

The first Legendary Pokemon that has been confirmed for the game is Lugia. He also has a gym badge in the game that will be awarded to those who beat him in a Legendary Raid. The Legendary Raid will require you to obtain a Legendary Ticket and there is also a special egg reward for it. There are 3 levels for the gym bade for Lugia. Check it out below.

While this is not an official confirmation, the source is the game code after the latest update so it is pretty certain that Lugia will be one of the Pokemon that will be a part of the upcoming Legendary Raids. How the Raids will function still remains to be seen but Pokemon GO fans will be happy to finally have a chance to start capturing Legendary Pokemon in the game after it launched last July.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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