Pokemon GO: Max Level Cap 40 Reached By Player, No Master Ball Unlocked

Pokemon GO has a level cap of 40 as we have detailed earlier and it requires millions of experience points in order to be reached. This requires a lot of dedication and grinding for the player as the experience points requirement are just insane at the higher level.

Now that the game has been out for close to a month, we have out first legit player that has managed to hit the maximum level cap set in the game. This was achieved by reddit user _problemz and he has shared some details on how he managed to reach it.

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First of all, if you were hoping that he achieved this level cap without using shortcuts, then you need to think again as he confirmed that leveling up to 40 required him to use a bot. He refused to share any details on how to use a bot, or the type of bot that he used with Pokemon GO.


Aside from this, he did share the screenshot of the rewards and unlocks when the player reaches level 40 and it is disappointing to see that the Master Ball is nowhere to be found. The Master Ball is indeed available in the source code of the game and presumed to be essential for capturing some of the Legendary Pokemon including Mew and Mew Two in the game, but it still hasn’t been located yet.


If you want to see the CP and collection of Pokemon owned by this player, you can check it out in the screenshot below. Sadly, he has no interest in retaining his account and is currently in the process of deleting it by contacting the game developer Niantic Labs.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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