Pokemon GO: How To Fix Loading Screen Freezing Bug

Pokemon GO users might face an annoying error if they try to open the app during certain times. This error manifests in the form of the loading screen freezing at the start of the game, which usually happens when the servers are facing issues.

Thankfully, there is a workaround to this error that can be used to bypass this loading screen and boot into the game. This workaround is rather simple and should work on both iOS and Android Smartphones.


If you are having issues with loading screen in Pokemon GO, then you can try to use this method. This method requires the player to turn on the Airplane mode in their Smartphones when the loading screen freezes due to server issues. They need to relaunch the app again and when the app asks for connection, disable the airplane mode and enable wifi again.

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This method can also work when the servers are a little unstable and Pokemon GO users can use this neat trick to bypass an issues with the loading screen. You can check it out in detail in this YouTube video.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. It was recently released in more than 26 countries and the developers are currently working on fixing some of the server issues associated with the game.

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