Pokemon GO – How To Locate And Capture Powerful Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO has more than 100 monsters for the player to capture. The game includes the first generation of the original 151 Pokemon although it is not possible to capture every one of them yet. Some of the Legendary Pokemon, for example, are yet to be found by any player despite the game being out for a while.

There are other rare type of Pokemon though, that can be captured by the player. If you want to increase your chance of finding a rare type of Pokemon, then you can follow the tips and tricks listed in this guide.

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If you have been collecting eggs that can be located throughout the game, you can try to hatch the 10 KM eggs to gain a rare Pokemon. These eggs require the player to travel a distance of 10 KM and the game detects cheating if the player tries to utilize a fast form of travel, so your best bet here is to travel using a bike as the speed limit for the game is around 25 mph.


The other way to locate a rare Pokemon is to level up to 20 and above. The higher your level is, the more chance there is to get a rare Pokemon. In order to locate these rare Pokemon, you can also try setting up Lure to attract Pokemon at a location or you can try to go to a location where another player has already set up a lure.

Rare Pokemon can be also found in a crowded location. This is true especially for a crowded location with a lot more Pokestops, as they increase the chance of finding a better Pokemon. Finding the basic form of each Pokemon, you can then evolve them to their powerful form. We have a guide here on how to evolve a Pokemon, or you can check out this specific guide for the evolution of Eevee.

Capturing some of the powerful Pokemon will require the player to get Master Ball, Ultra Ball and Great Ball. These can be located through various means as listed here.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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