Pokemon GO – Niantic Ban GPS Exploit Abusers

Pokemon GO users have recently discovered that the game has a few region specific Pokemon. The Pokemon, Tauros, is only located in North Amerca, Kangaskhan is available only in Australia, Mr. Mime can only be found in Europe and Farfetch’d only appears in Asia.

To obtain these region specific Pokemon, some users have been using fake GPS apps, among other exploits, to trick the game to think that they are in regions that these Pokemon are located in. Players in America have caught Farfetch’d and Mr. Mime without travelling to Asia or Europe.

Pokemon GO 1

Pokemon GO players who play the game without these exploits are not happy by this exploit. Niantic CEO, John Hanke, has confirmed that these dishonest players will be punished for their actions.

Niantic have acknowledged the existence of these exploits and are taking action against these abusers. Players who use the exploit will be punished with a small ban, which will stop the user from catching the Pokemon. Sadly, players who catch Pokemon while travelling on a plane, have also reported to be victims of this ban.

Pokemon GO Devs Respond To The Community's Outrage

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