Pokemon GO November Field Research Rewards Revealed

Pokemon GO Medals

Pokemon GO November Field Research Rewards have been revealed by developers Niantic and they’re pretty similar to last month’s.

The Pokemon GO November Field Research Quests will reward award you a Shedinja from Generation 3.

Shedinja is a Bug/Ghost Type Pokemon and is a “Special” evolution of Ninacada. Players could only trigger their Nincada evolving into Ninjask at level 20 when they had an empty space in their party. Latter games required you to have an extra Pokeball but that wasn’t a requirement in Ruby and Sapphire, the two games where it was introduced.

November Field Research Quests

To get Shedinja follow the November Field Research Quests below courtesy of MatterGuy98:

Hopefully next month’s Pokemon is a bit more interesting.

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