Pokemon GO November Raid Bosses [Halloween Update]

Pokemon GO November Raid Bosses have been revealed by developers Niantic.

Pokemon GO has a great feature called Raid Battles that you unlock after getting to level 5. The battles take place at Gyms and are a great way to change things up from the usual teams battling for the gym dynamic. The Raid Battles have all players come together to defeat a super power Pokemon boss. Unsurprisingly Raid Battles fit right in without a hitch.

Pokemon Go November Raid Bosses feature a familiar list, headlined by Giratina and Deoxys’s normal form.

The list below has been updated as of November 2nd.

Pokemon Go November Raid Bosses List

PokemonRaid TierPokemon Type
Shuppet (Chance for Shiny)Tier 1Ghost
Duskull (Chance for Shiny)Tier 1Ghost
Shinx (Chance for Shiny)Tier 1Electric
Snorunt (Chance for Shiny)Tier 1Ice
MisdreavusTier 2Ghost
Sableye (Chance for Shiny)Tier 2Dark & Ghost
SneaselTier 2Dark & Ice
KirliaTier 2Psychic & Fairy
Mawile (Chance for Shiny)Tier 2Steel & Fairy
GengarTier 3Poison & Ghost
MachampTier 3Fighting
GranbullTier 3Fairy
SharpedoTier 3Water & Dark
HoundoomTier 4Dark & Fire
Alolan MarowakTier 4Fire & Ghost
TogeticTier 4Flying & Fairy
TyranitarTier 4Dark & Rock
Absol (Chance for Shiny)Tier 4Dark
GiratinaTier 5Dragon & Ghost
DeoxysEX RaidPsychic

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