Pokemon GO Now Available In Spain, Italy And Portugal

The wildly popular augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, has officially been released in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Yesterday, the game was released in the UK, and millions of people have downloaded Pokemon GO since then.

Earlier today, the official Pokemon GO twitter announced the official release of the game in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The game was first released in Australia and New Zealand where it quickly gained popularity. The release of the game in some countries was delayed due to high traffic in countries such as the U.S, Australia and New Zealand, which caused server issues for some users.

Pokemon GO is the most popular app in the U.S and has over 21 million active users. The game recently passed Candy Crush Saga as the most popular mobile game, and has the highest number of active users. Millions of people have downloaded the game, some fans have downloaded Pokemon GO in countries where the game is not even available yet.

Pokemon GO

The game currently has more active users than popular social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram. If the app keeps growing in popularity at this rate, Pokemon GO is expected to pass SnapChat and Google Maps.

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So far, Pokemon GO has been officially released in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, U.S, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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