Pokemon GO Now Has More Users Than Facebook And Snapchat

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Recently, we reported on Pokemon GO passing Candy Crush Saga as the most popular mobile game in the U.S. The wildly popular Pokemon game has taken over the App Store and the Google Play Store as one of the most popular games of all time.

Half a month ago, Pokemon GO had over 21 million daily users and passed popular social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram. Since then, the app has continued it’s rise in popularity and now iOS users are spending more time on Pokemon GO than the biggest social media app in the world, Facebook. The game also has more daily active users than Facebook.

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According to Sensor Tower, not only are iOS users spending more time on Facebook, Pokemon GO has users more focused on catching Pokemon than making Snap Stories. Both of the most popular social media apps have been left behind by Niantic’s Pokemon GO.

This makes Pokemon GO not only the most popular game in the U.S, but now the game is the most popular app on the App Store. Although the game is very popular around the world, the recent update has turned fans against the app’s developers, Niantic Labs. The update removed the 3 step tracking feature from the app. This tracking system was the only way players could search for Pokemon in their vicinity. After the removal of the tracking system, users were forced to use third-party websites that helped them locate nearby Pokemons, but Niantic Labs took down these website, leaving Pokemon GO users without a way to locate Pokemon.

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Since then, several Pokemon GO users who have spent money on the app, to purchase in-game items, have asked for a refund, and some of them have even gotten their money back. The update has not only made finding Pokemon harder, fans are also complaining that catching Pokemon has also gotten very difficult after the latest update.

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