Pokemon GO Passes $200 Million Mark In A Month

Pokemon GO has recently been attracting a lot of negativity and hate. The app currently has a few bugs that make it an annoying and hard game to play. Pokemon GO developers, Niantic Labs, recently confirmed that the difficulty players are facing while trying to catch Pokemon is a result of a bug in the game. They also said that the team over at Niantic Labs is working hard to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Even with all the negativity surrounding the game, Pokemon GO has continued its rise in popularity and set a new record. Since Pokemon GO’s release back on July 6th, the app has generated $200 million in revenue.

Pokemon GO $200 Million

SensorTower revealed that the release of Pokemon GO in Japan helped the game pass the $200 million mark in just a month. According to SensorTower’s data, the game has earned almost double the revenue of Clash Royale and nearly four times the revenue Candy Crush Saga made in a month.

The game was recently released in Asia. However, Pokemon GO was not released in two of the most populated countries of the world, China and India. Chinese Pokemon fans are very excited for the game, and can not wait to get their hands on it.

Pokemon GO - Niantic Ban GPS Exploit Abusers

Because of the large population in these countries, Niantic expected high traffic, which might result in server outage. Due to that reason, Niantic has not released the game in China and India yet, however the game will be coming out for these two countries very soon.

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