Pokemon GO Patch For iOS Only Mentions “Minor Text Fixes”

Pokemon GO is currently the most talked about game in the world. Averaging over 20 million users every day, the game has secured itself the number 1 spot in the AppStore in the U.S. A few hours ago, a new patch for the Pokemon GO app was released.

Fans hoped that the patch would put an end to all the problems that they have been facing while playing Pokemon GO. Many fans have complained about the frequent screen and Pokeball freezing issue, while others have expressed their frustration over the constant disconnection issues as well as, having to wait for a long period of time to connect to the servers. The fans hoped that this patch would resolve all of the issues they have been having, however, the patch notes for iOS Version 1.0.3 simply said, “Minor Text Fixes”.

Since reading the patch notes, fans have been infuriated with the developers. The patch does not resolve any of the problems that the fans have been facing. In fact, the release of the patch has caused the servers to go down, due to the high traffic the patch attracted. After the release of the patch, servers have been going down worldwide.

Pokemon GO Patch

Some users have been able to connect to the Pokemon GO servers, but the majority of the fans have failed to do so. If you wish to check the status of the Pokemon GO servers, click here. Hopefully the issues surrounding Pokemon GO are resolved soon, as millions of players are currently unable to play the game.

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