Pokemon GO Plus Comes Out Next Week

Back in July, we reported on the Pokemon GO accessory called Pokemon GO Plus, being delayed till September. Pokemon GO Plus was suppose to come out at the end of July.

Niantic announced the release date of Pokemon GO Plus on their website. The Pokemon GO accessory will be released next week on September 16th. The device will be released “in most countries” on the given date, however, it will be release later this year in “a few South American territories,” according to Niantic.

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Niantic Labs are the developers of the wildly popular augmented reality game, but Nintendo is responsible for the development and distribution of Pokemon GO Plus. The popularity of Pokemon GO caused the delay in the product’s release. Nintendo needed more time to develop the update for Pokemon GO which would allow the device and the game to be compatible with each other.

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Pokemon GO Plus is a device that lights up when the user is near a Pokemon or a PokeStop, so you don’t have to keep your cell phone out to play Pokemon GO. The Pokemon GO Plus will be available for $34.99, when it comes out next week on September 16th.

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