Pokemon GO Plus Now Available In The UK

The highly anticipated Pokemon GO accessory, Pokemon GO Plus, is finally out in the UK. Pokemon GO Plus came out in the US on September 16th, while the UK release of the device was today on September 19th.

Pokemon GO Plus was originally going to be released by the end of July, however, due to the overwhelming success of the augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, Nintendo needed more time to update the device, which led to Pokemon GO Plus being delayed till September.

Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus helps users by alerting them when a Pokemon is nearby. This allows players to know about a nearby Pokemon’s location without having to keep their cell phones out. When near a Pokemon, the light on the Pokemon GO Plus starts to flash. To capture the nearby Pokemon, you simply press the button on your Pokemon GO Plus device, and it will attempt to catch that Pokemon for you.

Pokemon GO Plus also tracks the distance you have walked. This allows you to hatch Pokemon eggs, without having to keep you cell phone out. With this feature, you can also track how much you walk with your Pokemon. The recent Pokemon GO update added a Pokemon buddy feature that allows you to level up your Pokemon by simple letting them walk beside you while looking for new Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Plus Comes Out Next Week

Pokemon GO Plus is now available in the UK, and has a price tag of £34.99. If you are a die hard Pokemon GO fans then this is the accessory for you.

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