Pokemon GO Plus Release Delayed To September

Earlier today, the official Nintendo twitter announced that the Pokemon GO accessory known as Pokemon GO Plus, will now be released in September rather then the expected release at the end of July.

With the game’s release at the start of July, Nintendo planned to release Pokemon GO Plus at the end of the month, however, for unknown reasons, the release of the accessory has been pushed back by more then a month.

Pokemon GO Plus Wristband 21

Although Niantic Labs is the developer of the wildly popular Pokemon game, Nintendo is responsible for the production and distribution of Pokemon GO Plus. Pokemon GO Plus is a Bluetooth device that allows users to play Pokemon GO without having their phones out.

Pokemon GO Plus can be worn as a wristband or a pin, and the light on the device starts flashing when the user is near a Pokemon or a PokeStop. The Pokemon GO Plus will be available for $34.99 when it comes out in September.

Pokemon GO Developer Acknowledges 3 Steps Glitch, Possibly Working On A Fix

We recently discovered a cheat that allows Pokemon GO players to increase the time limit of Lucky Eggs and Incenses, and a CP calculator that helps trainers evaluate the max potential CP for their Pokemon.

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