Pokemon GO: Pokemon Rarity chart compares the common with the rare

In Pokemon GO certain Pokemon tend to be pop up more commonly than others. There is no confirmed rarity tier in the game like the mainline Pokemon games as far as we know as different Pokemon show up in different areas. This rarity chart however compares which Pokemon you’re more likely to come across in an average playthrough.

The Pokemon GO Rarity chart was created by Redditor r/RotomGuy who sorted the Pokemon available ranging from them being available virtually everywhere to mythical once in a blue moon sightings. The chart is missing Duduo but that should fall in the virtually everywhere category as per my experience.

pokemon go rarity

Do note that the chart is not 100% accurate as everybody’s experience is different due to their location but it should be close.

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So what do you think of the chart? Close to what you’ve been coming across? Let us know below.

Pokemon GO is available for download now on iOS and Android devices.

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