Pokemon GO Reaches $600 Million In Revenue Via Microtransactions

Pokemon GO has been one of the most talked about games this year. Niantic Labs’ augmented reality game took the world by storm when it first came out in early July.

The game had over 21 million daily users when it first came out. Pokemon GO became the biggest mobile game in the U.S. in just a week, and made more then $200 million in just a month. The game has more then 500 million downloads and it still being played by thousands of people.


Earlier this week, VentureBeat reported that the augmented reality game has passed the $600 million mark in revenue from microtransactions. In its prime, Pokemon GO netted an astonishing $16 million per day, however, that number has gone down to about $2 million per day.


The daily user count also went down from 21 million users to around 700,000 users per day. These numbers do not include China and North Korea, as the game is still not out for these countries. After being released in China, the number of users is expected to go up by millions, netting Niantic Labs millions of dollars in revenue.

Pokemon GO Loses 15 Million Users In A Month

Niantic Labs recently released a new update for their augmented reality game. The latest Pokemon GO update made catching rare Pokemon a lot easier. For more details, click here.

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