Pokemon GO – How To Save Poke Balls And Capture Pokemon Easily

Pokemon GO has been released in a select few countries worldwide and despite the limited launch, it has proven to be a true global phenomenon as people are playing it all over the worlds using various methods to bypass the region lock.

Pokemon GO lets the player capture a Pokemon, evolve it, level up their trainer as well as explore their surrounding locations to visit Pokestops and claim and defend Gyms. It is essentially a real life version of the Pokemon game that has proven to be a smash hit on handhelds. It is much more simple and stripped down compared to a typical Pokemon game, but still loads of fun nonetheless.


Since to capture a Pokemon, we need Poke balls that can be located through various means including visiting Pokestops. These balls are also categorized depending on their usage level and if not conserved properly, can be hard to locate unless the player spends real life money on microtransactions to purchase them in the game.

There is a simple trick to make sure that the Pokemon that you are currently capturing won’t be able to escape. This can be done by first taking a closer look at the Pokemon rings, which surround it. They are color coded in three different levels: green, orange and red. Green means the Pokemon is easier to catch, orange means there might be some difficulty while red indicates a tougher catch for the Pokemon.

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The best chance to capture the Pokemon is when the ring is the smallest in size. This will increase the chances. There is another tip currently making the rounds among the fans stating that Pokemon emotions also play a part in their capture. If they are angry and attacking the player, it is best to wait for a while until their idle animation changes to one which makes them look in a “happy” state compared to their “angry” state.

If you throw a Poke ball at that moment when the ring around the Pokemon is the smallest and make sure to throw the ball when the Pokemon is looking happy, there is a good chance you will be able to cover it with the first throw.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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