Pokemon GO: Tips for fixing frozen Pokeballs

pokemon go server down

Pokemon GO, although being a widely popular free to play app all around the world with over 20 million daily active users, encounters a lot of server issues and crashes. It is still undergoing further development, hopefully in an attempt to stabilize servers and traffic.

However, it can be especially annoying when a player encounters a rare Pokemon, lodges a Pokeball at it, and waits for a frustratingly long time only to discover the Pokeball has frozen and refuses to respond, and alas, the player force closes the app only to discover the Pokemon escaped.

Pokemon Go

But the Pokemon GO community is a helpful one, and players have come up with all sorts of solutions, including the development of the Poke Radar app, which allows you to locate rare Pokemon using a map, as well as manually choosing which Pokemon to evolve Eevee into. Following the trend, players have now put together solutions for fixing those frozen Pokeballs, allowing you to capture that Charizard.

Solution 1: While loading, exit.

  • Throw a ball at the Pokemon, and wait for the capture
  • Wait for the loading icon to appear. (Denoted by a spinning Pokeball)
  • Go to the Recent Apps Menu.
    • For Android, tap the square icon (bottom left icon/next to home icon)
    • For iOS, double tap home.
  • Wait on this screen for 5+ seconds. (Until the loading icon reappears)
  • Return to Pokemon Go.

This method doesn’t require you to close the app, but does require a bit of timing. You could easily miss your window.

Solution 2: Don’t immediately throw your Pokeball

  • Start a Pokemon encounter
  • Wait 5 seconds before throwing a pokeball.
  • If the Pokemon escapes, wait another 5+ seconds before throwing again.

The primary reason for this is supposedly due to a problem with the animations and communicating with the server. Whatever the case, players have acknowledged the method and reported success.

Solution 3: Wait a minute before restarting the app

  • If the pokeball freezes and glitches, wait at least a minute.
  • Exit the app, and force close it.
  • Restart the app, and check your Pokedex, the Pokemon should be there.

While this solution does take quite a bit of time, it has a higher chance of success. The frozen Pokeballs will still appear, but at least you’ll catch your Pokemon.

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Got any tips to share with us? Did these work for you? Post in the comments below!

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