Pokemon GO Was The Top Grossing Mobile Game In The US For July 2018, Number 4 Worldwide

When it comes to mobile games, Pokemon GO will be hailed as an event for a long time. When it initially launched back in July 2016, the game was literally everywhere. It quickly became a cultural phenomenon however with time, it didn’t manage to retain its peak popularity.

Despite all this, Pokemon GO has managed to chart in the best selling mobile games since inception and not only that, it managed to top the charts with the number 1 best grossing game in America. This is no easy feat for a 2 years old game that was considered dead by many, however, the popularity of the game is also evident with the worldwide best grossing games list placing it at number 4 in the chart. It was beaten by Fate/Grand Order, Honour of Kings and Monster Strike.

The ranking of the game can be seen on App Annie which tracks mobile games worldwide. Even though it manages to top charts in US and Worldwide, the game’s ranking went down in Japan but it still charted in the Top 10.

To summarize, Pokemon GO was the number 1 best grossing mobile game in America, number 4 worldwide and number 9 in Japan. This means the game makes a decent chunk of revenue for the developer Niantic Labs and the Pokemon company along with Nintendo and its growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

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