Pokemon GO Gets Ultra-Rare Shiny Pikachu; Here’s How To Get It

Pokemon GO players are now used to limited time events that offers rare Pokemon. This started with raids that featured some of the legendary Pokemon like Moltres and Lugia and it has now continued with ultra-rare version of the regular Pokemon. This time, the shiny Pokemon that can be caught is Pikachu.

While it is great to see that the developers are now slowly making it possible to catch such rare Pokemon, the Shiny Pikachu comes with a limit that might not make it possible for many in the world to get their hands on it. The reason is simple: It is only possible to catch the Pokemon if you are in Japan.

How To Capture Shiny Pikachu In Pokemon GO

You can capture this ultra-rare Pokemon if you are currently in Japan and are participating in the Yokohama-based Pokémon Go Park event. This event is called Pikachu Outbreak and it is currently the only event that is offering the user to capture Shiny Pikachu for their collection in Pokemon GO.

If you are interested in seeing the Pikachu in action, you can view the images below courtesy of Twitter user 

Meanwhile if you manage to evolve this Shiny Pikachu, you will be able to get a Shiny Raichu as shared by Twitter user  .

Although it is entirely possible to get the Pokemon even if you are not participating in the Pikachu Outbreak event, but there is no confirmation of a worldwide release for the Shiny Pikachu, so we will have to wait for the game developer Niantic to get a confirmation for it.

Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android devices.

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