Pokemon GO’s Upcoming Update Adds Daily Bonuses

In a recent blog post, Niantic Labs announced new features which will be coming to Pokemon GO in the next game update.

After downloading the new update, players will have a reason to play Pokemon GO daily. The update will add daily activities to the game, which will reward player with XP and other rewards. Completing daily activities for a week will reward players with bigger and better rewards.


Catching at least one every day will reward players with 500 XP and 600 Stardust. For players who are new to the game, Stardust is an item which can be used to power up your Pokemon by increasing their HP and CP. Stardust can not be purchased from the in-game store. If you catch at least one Pokemon per day for a week straight, you will get 2000 XP and 2400 Stardust.

Similar to catching one Pokemon per day, if players visit one PokeStop per day, they will receive daily and weekly rewards for their efforts. For visiting one PokeStop per day, you will receive 500 XP and a number of additional items. If players visit at least one PokeStop per day for a week straight, they will receive 2,000 XP and a greater number of additional items.

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The update aims to give players a reason to play Pokemon GO every day, and is expected to be released some time next week. What are your thoughts on the upcoming update? Let us know in the comments below.

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