Pokemon GO: How To Best Use Incense, Pokemon Spawn Rate Formula Revealed

Pokemon GO features an Incense like item that can be used to lure Pokemon to the player’s location. This item starts a timer limit once used and then the player will be able to attract various Pokemon after a specific time. This duration was unknown in the past but appears to have been discovered by some Pokemon GO users who looked through the source code of the game.

According to the discovery made by these users, Incense spawns 1 Pokemon after every 5 minutes if the player is stationary. The formula changes if the player is walking as the Pokemon spawn rate increases to 1 Pokemon per minute or after every 200 meters covered by the player.


This should come in handy for the players who have limited use of Incense as the timer count downs to 30 minute and hence it is best to walk after using an incense to utilize its full potential. If the player is standing still after using incense, it will result in just 6 Pokemon being lured by the incense compared to potential 30 Pokemon that can be lured when walking around the world map.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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