Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee And Pikachu Revealed For Nintendo Switch, Linked To Pokemon GO

Nintendo and Game Freak has announced brand new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. As earlier rumors hinted, they are Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu. They were leaked earlier through a website domain registration and even the logo for them were reportedly leaked online.

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu appear to be a completely different type of Pokemon game. They focus on interactivity with the Pokemon GO mobile game. They are also set in the Kanto region and feature the original 151 Pokemon from that region. Mew Two was also confirmed to make an appearance in the official trailer.

Both Pokemon games will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 16. The interactivity with Pokemon GO was also showcased in the trailer and confirmed that you will be able to link accounts in both games and trade Pokemon this way. The entire game can be played with a single Joy Con controller and also supports motion controls when throwing the Poke Ball.

These are not the only games that have been announced for the Nintendo Switch. There is a brand new Pokemon game that is set to launch in later half of 2019. This was revealed on the official Pokemon Twitter account.

There were not many details shared on the Pokemon game but since it was announced at this event, this appears to be the next step for the mainline Pokemon games. The Pokemon Let’s Go version are more of a spin-off to the mainline games that focus more on multiplayer and mobile game interactivity with Pokemon GO.

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