Pokemon Moon and Sun Magazine Scan Leaks Starter Pokemon, Confirmed Fake

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun were recently announced by Nintendo in a new direct. The games have been confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released this Holiday.

While there isn’t much detail known about these new games, except that they will feature a completely new generation including a new locale and Pokemon designs, this has prompted some of the ardent fans to create fake magazine scans showing some of the new characters and the starter Pokemon designs.

The following two scans were reportedly “leaked” through Twitter but have been since confirmed as fake.

pokemon-moon-sun-starters (1) pokemon-moon-sun-starters (2)

These scans also showed the first 3 starter Pokemon designs but as it was revealed later, the magazine scans ended up being fake. Nintendo has yet to comment on a possible date for a full blown reveal of Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun but since E3 is near, maybe they will reveal the game at their own event closer to E3.

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun are the first Pokemon games that have been released after Pokemon X and Y in 2013. The developer of Pokemon, GameFreaks, released Pokemon X and Y in 2013 and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in 2014, but they skipped out on releasing any Pokemon games in 2015.

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun are currently confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS and set to release in Holiday 2016.

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