Pokemon Quest proves to be a huge success, makes $8 million in just one month

The Smartphone and Switch exclusive Pokemon title Pokemon Quest has proved to be a huge success for Nintendo by making over $8 million in just over a month on smartphone platforms.

The game has had huge hype behind its launch and made over $3 million in its first week. Although sales have slowed down as expected after launch, Pokemon Quest is still making $30,000 daily across both iOS and Android. For comparison its single best day performance was a massive $580,000 in a single day.

The game is most popular in Japan where it counts for 34% of the revenue. The land of the rising sun is followed by USA at 24% with South Korea contributing 12% in third. Pokemon Quest players on iOS were responsible for 66% of the revenue while Android contributed rest of the 34%.

Considering the game isn’t explicitly designed to be a money sink, or at least of what I’ve played so far, the sum its made is mighty impressive. The in-app purchases are mostly to buy things like Cooking Pots and Decorations to attract Pokemon and Batteries to increase Stamina, something you could probably play without paying for.

What do you think of Pokemon Quest, have you played the game? Let us know in the comments.

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