Pokemon Stars For Nintendo Switch Possibly Leaked – Report

Nintendo has announced that a new Pokemon Direct will be streamed on June 6th for upcoming Pokemon projects and this little bit of news was more than enough for Pokemon fans to let their speculation run wild. One of the hottest rumor for the upcoming Nintendo Switch is that it will also get a new Pokemon game called Pokemon Stars. This is supposedly a brand new Pokemon game after Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon and it was leaked before the official Switch reveal by a reputable source, Eurogamer.

Nintendo hasn’t announced such game yet but with the upcoming direct, there is a good chance that we might get an announcement for this new Pokemon soon. However this hasn’t stopped the rumors from cropping up and one of the latest rumor has been posted on 4chan by a user. He shared an image of Pokemon running on Switch along with the following information. Take it with a grain of salt ,as usual, since it is possible that the rumor is entirely fake.

i’m a translator working on the upcoming pokémon game which you know as codename “pokémon stars”.
I’ll be leaving here few infos because u’ll soon get an official announcement.

the new game will be available both for 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Only one title, not a couple of games.
the two versions can, of course, communicate.
Game will be again set in Alola, no visiting Kanto. Most of the characters will be grown up, such as Gladion that now fully runs Aether Paradise on his own.
Gyms are now built up. No more Alolan trials.
there will be no new pokémon or megas. Necrozma is getting a new form though. there will be new exclusive Z-moves. Won’t say anything more on them.
while the game is a sequel, plot is heavily focused on past events, such as black & white 2: you’ll know more about how Mohn lost his memories, and how Necrozma fell into our world. (hint: “stars”!)
the game is heavily filled with cutscenes, even more than Sun & Moon.

what you see here is a grown up Gladion in his new suit. Feel free not to believe, i don’t want any troubles on leaking things. Do not ask anything, I won’t be saying more than what’s already in the post.

boy is called kaosu, girl is called hoshi

Considering the source of the rumor is 4chan and the screenshot could be simply from an emulator running Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, it is entirely possible this rumor is fake. Either way, we will find out within 24 hours as Nintendo streams the next Pokemon direct.

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