Pokemon Sun And Moon – Affection And Happiness Guide

This guide will help you achieve max affection/happiness for your Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It will teach you how to use Poke Beans, Pokemon Refresh, and other methods of increasing the affection of your Pokemon.

Raising a Pokemon’s Affection or Happiness can have many benefits. This is a new feature that was added in Pokemon X and Y. It determines how much your Pokemon like you, and how happy they are.

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Benefits of High Affection and Happiness:

There are a few Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon that evolve when their happiness reaches a certain level. For instance, Umbreon evolved when his happiness reaches a certain value during the night time.

Pokemon with high affection also get bonus XP from battles. When a Pokemon’s affection reaches a certain point, he will start getting 20% extra XP after winning a battle. This means that the Pokemon will level up much faster than other Pokemon in your party, due to his high affection.

A Pokemon with high affection also has a high chance of landing critical strikes. Alongside the high critical strike chance, the Pokemon is more evasive compared to other Pokemon. With the high chance of critical strike and high evasion, a Pokemon with high affection will also survive in situations where he would normally faint.

How To Increase Affection in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, GameFreak has added many ways to increase a Pokemon’s affection towards you. These methods of increasing Pokemon affection include Pokemon Refresh, Poke Beans, and more.

Pokemon Refresh:

In Pokemon X and Y, GameFreak added a new feature to the game called Pokemon-Amie. This feature took players to a new screen in the game where players could groom their Pokemon with a Brush, clean them with a towel, feed or apply medicine, and also play with them.

This feature has been added to Pokemon Sun and Moon as well, and works the same way. You can also use this feature after battle to clean your Pokemon, or remove any negative statuses like Paralysis, Poison, etc, after battle.

Petting your Pokemon also increases its affection. Certain Pokemon have certain spots which makes them even more happy. However, a few Pokemon can harm you if you pet them on the wrong spot. For instance, a Pikachu will electrocute you if you pet its cheeks, so knowing where to pet a certain Pokemon can be useful.

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Poke Beans:

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are tiny heart-shaped beans which you can feed your Pokemon in order to increase their happiness or affection. You get a few Poke Beans at the start of the game, and can purchase more from the vendors around the Alola region.

Your Pokemon will also find Beans on the isles they visit. With so many ways to acquire Poke Beans, you will rarely run low, as it is not a scarce resource.

Affection Increasing Items:

There are several items that can be used or held by Pokemon which increase their affection faster. Aside from Poke Beans, players can also feed their Pokemon Tomato Berries, which sooth them, and make their affection rise faster. A held item called Soothe Bell, has the same effect. The Soothe Bell increases the Affection gain of Pokemon, making their affection go up faster.

How To Check A Pokemon’s Affection:

There are several ways to keep check of your Pokemon’s affection. One way of checking if your Pokemon is affectionate is when it starts emitting Hearts. If your Pokemon is emitting hearts then that means that his/her affection can go higher than it already is, but as soon as those hearts turn into music symbols, that means that you have achieved max happiness or affection for that session.

A way to tell that a Pokemon’s affection level has increased, is by checking if he is glowing or not. When a Pokemon glows, it means that his affection level has gone up by one. Your Pokemon will also run around the screen for a while, that is also an indicator of the Pokemon’s affection going up.

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Hopefully this guide helps you get a better understanding of the affection and happiness feature. Pokemon Sun and Moon are developed by GameFreak, and published by Nintendo. The games are now available on the Nintendo 3DS/

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