Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Catch Ditto

Pokemon Breeding is feature that many players use to get the ideal Pokemon. The process requires two of the same Pokemon, however, there is another way that players can breed Pokemon without having the same Pokemon. Ditto is a Pokemon that can be bred with any Pokemon to get an egg. This method of breeding has been around for a long time, and is also in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If you have not been able to get your hands on a Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon, then this guide will help you do so.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ditto

Where To Find Ditto In Pokemon Sun and Moon:

You won’t be able to catch Ditto until your reach the third Island of Pokemon Sun and Moon. After you complete the Island challenge on Mele’mele Island and Akala Island, you will then travel to the third Island called Ula’Ula Island. Once you arrive at the Island, you will be in Malie City. Follow the dirt path on the west side of the City until you reach a Bus Stop. Take a bus to the Hokulani Observatory, and start walking towards the South. Keep going until you reach a patch of tall grass, this is where you will find Ditto.

The battle against a Ditto should not be hard, however, be careful as it will turn into whatever Pokemon you bring out to face him. Also, keep in mind that this Pokemon is quite weak so there’s a chance that you can kill him in one hit.

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Use whatever tactic you use to capture Pokemon and you will have a brand new Ditto on your team. Hopefully this guide helped you capture your first Ditto. When you are done breeding your Pokemon and have an Egg, here is a guide that will help you hatch your Eggs faster in Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

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