Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Hatch Eggs Faster

Breeding is a feature that has been a part of Pokemon games for a very long time. The feature makes it return in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and is used for many things. People breed Pokemon to get a better one with superior stats and nature, while some people breed them to duplicate a Pokemon that can not be caught in the game.

Breeding a Pokemon is the easy part, however, hatching the Pokemon eggs is a tedious task. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, every egg has a specific number of steps that a player has to take in order to hatch it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Egg Hatching

How To Hatch Eggs Faster In Pokemon Sun and Moon:

There are several different techniques to speed up the hatching process, making it a lot less time consuming and convenient.

Use Your Tauros:

A quick way to hatch an egg is by riding your Tauros and press the B button to charge. You can run in a straight line if you want, or running in circles works too. The best place to run in a straight line, while on your Tauros, is on Akala Island. Heahea City and Route 6 provide a straight path that players can charge through without interruption.

You can also run around in circles, however, that can take its toll on your thumb pad. There is no specific place to do this, so you can do this wherever you want.

Hot Springs In Poke Pelago:

A great way to hatch eggs is by using the hot springs of Poke Pelago. If you don’t want to carry an egg around, and would prefer leaving it somewhere to hatch, then the Hot Springs of Poke Pelago is the ideal place. Simply leave the egg there to incubate, and come back later to see what Pokemon hatched from the egg.

Use Flame Body or Magma Armor:

Pokemon abilities can have an impact on how quickly your Pokemon Eggs hatch. Pokemon such as Moltres, Magmar, Slugma, Volcarona, Ponyta, etc have abilities called Flame Body or Magma Armor. Having a Pokemon in your party that has any of these abilities can speed up the hatching process by up to 100%.

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These are a few ways that can help you hatch your Pokemon Eggs faster. Hopefully this guide was helpful and made egg hatching a lot easier. Pokemon Sun and Moon are developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo, and are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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