Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Get All Fossil Pokemon

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Like in every other Pokemon game, Pokemon Sun and Moon has a few Pokemon that can only be obtained through Fossils. This guide will help you get all the Fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon include Cranidos, Shieldon, Archen and Tirtouga. In previous Pokemon games, players were put in a situation where they had to choose between two Pokemon Fossils. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, things are a little different as players have to purchase the Fossils from a shop.

The fossils can be purchased in the Stone shop in KoniKoni City. Even though you are buying fossils, make sure you know which fossil to buy before buying it. Like in every Pokemon game, you can only get one of the two fossils available in the game.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are four fossils in total. Two of the fossils are in Pokemon Sun, and the remaining two are in Pokemon Moon. In Pokemon Sun, you can get the Skull and Cover Fossils and in Pokemon Moon, you can acquire the Plume and Armor Fossils.

Once you have your desired fossil, you are ready to turn the fossil into a Pokemon. Head over to the PokemonCenter on Route 8, and head right towards the forest. Once inside, go deep into a forest until you reach a man next to a van. This man will help you turn your fossil into a Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun Fossil Pokemon:

If you choose the Cover fossil, you will get the Water/Rock type Pokemon, Tirtouga. Tirtouga later evolves into Carracosta. If you bought the Skull fossil, you will get. Cranidos later evolves into the Rock type Pokemon, Rampardos.

Pokemon Moon Fossil Pokemon:

If you picked up the Plume fossil, you will get Archen which evolves into the Rock/Flying type Pokemon called Archeops. If you bought the Armor fossil, your fossil will turn into Shieldon which evolves into the Rock/Steel type Pokemon known as Bastiodon.

You can only pick one Pokemon fossil out of the two in each Pokemon game, so the only way you can get every fossil Pokemon is by either owning both games, or have a friend trade you the Pokemon you need.

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Hopefully this guide helped you get all the fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Sun and Moon are developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo, and are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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