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Pokemon Sun and Moon are the most highly anticipated titles to come out on the Nintendo 3DS this year. This game has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Nintendo shipped more then 10 million copies of the games for the worldwide launch.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, players can use Pokedollars to buy items that can help their Pokemon in and out of battle. However, you will need Pokedollars to purchase these items. This guide will help you make some easy money so you can purchase whatever you like or need.


The Hano Beach Minigame:

Located on near Heahea City, on Akala Island, is the Hano Grand Resort. There is a beach located near the resort called the Hano Beach. On this beach, you can find a man near the lifeguard tower who gives you a quest that requires you to clear the beach of six Pyukumuku Pokemon. The Pokemon known as Pyukumuku, will spawn randomly on the beach and you have to walk up to the Pokemon and simply press A. You have to perform this action six times and then you have to go back to the man you initially talked to. The man will pay you 20,000 Pokedollars, which is a lot of money for doing something to simple and easy.

The downside to this money making method is that you can only do this quest once per day. So you can not repeat this quest over and over again to make tons of money.

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Tauros Boulder Smashing Method:

On Poni Coast, players can ride their Tauros and charge through boulders. When you break these boulders, they have a chance to drop an item. Usually the items obtained from these boulders are Star Dust and Star Piece. These items can be sold for a large sum of money as the Stardust sells for 1000 Pokedollars, while the Star Piece sells for 5000 Pokedollars.

Ultra Beast Quest:

Once players become the champion of the Alola Region, they will find a man standing in front of their house. This man sends players on a new quest called the Ultra Beast Quest. This quest requires you to capture all five of the Ultra beast Pokemon and return to the quest givers, Anabel and Looker. Once you return to Anabel and Looker after catching the Ultra beasts, they will give you 1 million Pokedollars for completing the quest.


Alternative Money Making Methods:

One of the best money making method in Pokemon Sun and Moon is to use an amulet coin. The Amulet Coin doubles money received after battling a trainer if the holder takes part in the battle. This money making method requires you to battle which results in your Pokemon gaining XP and make extra money at the same time.

Fishing is a great way to make money. While fishing, players have a chance of reeling in a pearl or a big pearl, which can be sold for a large sum of money. The pearl sells for 700 Pokedollars, while the big pearl sells for 3750 Pokedollars. This method can get annoying as you can encounter Pokemon while fishing but this method is also a very efficient.

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Hopefully this guide will help you make money easily and quickly. Share some of the methods we might have missed in the comment section below. Pokemon Sun and Moon are now available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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