Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Find Salamence At Start Of Game

GameFreak introduced a brand new feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon called SOS battles. If you have played that game, you might already be familiar with this feature.

The SOS battle feature is triggered during a battle with smaller Pokemon. When the smaller Pokemon’s HP or the damage taken reaches a certain point, he calls for backup. It calls for help from larger Pokemon who can come and aid him in battle. The Pokemon that arrive for backup can be captured.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Salamence

How To Catch Salamence In Pokemon Sun and Moon:

You can use the SOS battles to capture the Flying/Dragon type Pokemon called Salamence. You start off by traveling to Route 3 on Melemele Island. Once at Route 3, stick to the right side of the mountain, and follow the tall grass. Eventually, you will encounter the Pokemon, Bagon.

This part might take some time but eventually, Bagon will call upon a Salamence for help. Once the Salamence enters battle, you can finish off the Bagon and capture the Salamence. Capturing Salamence might take some time as it has a Catch rate of 5.9%. The Salamence that will appear to aid Bagon in the battle won’t be a high level, so it should not be very hard to capture.

Salamence is an amazing Pokemon to have on your team. It is flying and dragon type, and can be very deadly when it reaches a high level.

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Hopefully this guide helped you capture a Salamence with ease. Pokemon Sun and Moon are developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo, and are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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