Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Get All Alola Pokemon Evolutions

Pokemon Sun and Moon developers, GameFreak, added a new type of Pokemon to the game. These new types of Pokemon are called Alola Pokemon. Alola Pokemon are some old school Pokemon, with a new look and types.

These new Alolan forms of Pokemon include Raichu, Marowak, Sandslash, Ninetales, Persian, Golem, and more. There are ways to evolve unevolved Pokemon into their Alolan evolutions. For instance, after catching an Alolan Vulpix, using an Ice Stone on it to evolve it into an Alolan Nintales. This guide will help you evolve all your Alola Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Vulpix Ninetale

Alola Raticate: Evolving a Alola Rattata into an Alola Raticate is simple, and only requires you to level it up to level 20. Once your Alola Rattata reaches level 20, it will evolve into Alola Raticate.

Alola Ninetales: Evolving your Alola Vulpix into Alola Ninetales will require an Ice Stone. Once your have your Ice Stone, simply use the Ice Stone on your Vulpix and it will evolve into Alola Ninetales. Alola Ninetales is an Ice and Fairy type, unlike the normal Ninetales which is a Fire type.

Alola Persian: Alola Persian is one of many Pokemon who evolve based on their happiness. To evolve an Alola Meowth into an Alola Persian, you must first raise the Meowth’s happiness. Feed it, pet it, battle with it, play with it, and once its happiness reaches a certain point, level it up and you will have your very own Alola Persian.

Alola Graveler and Alola Golem: Evolving an Alola Geodude into an Alola Graveler is easy. All you have to do is, level up your Alola Geodude to level 25. After you have your Alola Graveler, trade the Pokemon to a friend. When your friend receives the Alola Graveler, he will evolve into Alola Golem, and then have the friend trade it back to you.

Alola Sandslash: In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can evolve your Alola Sandshrew into Alola Sandslash by using an Ice Stone. Simply use an Ice Stone on your Sandshrew, which will cause the Alola Sandshrew to evolve into an Alola Sandslash.

Alola Muk: Alola Muk can be obtained by leveling up your Alola Grimer. Leveling up your Grimer to level 38 will cause it to evolve into an Alola Muk.

Alola Dugtrio: Alola Diglett evolves into Alola Dugtrio by leveling up. Level up your Alola Diglett until it reaches level 26. At level 26, your Alola Diglett will evolve into Alola Dugtrio.

Alola Marowak: You can get an Alola Marowak by leveling up a normal Cubone. All you have to do is, level up your Cubone until it hits level 28. However, you need to level up Cubone during the night time (In-game) for the evolution to take place.

Alola Exeggutor: An Alola Exeggutor can be obtained by using a Leaf Stone on a normal Exeggute.

Alola Raichu: Similar to the Alola Persian, Alola Raichu is obtained by making a Pikachu happy. Keep the Pikachu at the front of the party, feed it, pet it, play with it, and battle with it. Once the Pikachu’s happiness reaches a certain level, use a Thunder Stone on it which will evolve it into an Alola Raichu. The Pikachu’s happiness does not have to be very high, so you can just use a Thunder Stone on a Pikachu as soon as you catch it.

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Hopefully this guide helped you obtain all the Alola Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Sun and Moon are developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo, and are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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